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Below is a list of our Mulching Services. Please contact us for additional information, or to discuss a specific job with us
  • Commercial Property Maintenance

  • Viewscape Clearing

  • Site Preparation & Lot Clearing

  • Right-of-Way Clearing

  • Golf Courses

  • Survey Line Clearing

Georgia Pro Mulching Services is one of our most valuable services. Mulching is a great way to get rid of unwanted brush or small trees without paying the cost of hauling. Hauling can take multiple trips depending on your lot size, not to mention additional man power and equipment costs. Call us today to talk about your project!

In addition to mulching, we also offer Stump Grinding services. These services sometimes go hand in hand. Click this link to view our Stump Grinding Services.

Professional Mulching Services

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While doing work for my neighbor I called Micheal to ask for help removing a very large tree. The tree was removed the very same day. His Staff is highly efficient, very professional, and very friendly. I have no problem with referrals. Great Job Georgia Pro.

Eddie Kitchens



There are three options to clearing trees and brush from your property: 

  1. By Hand: chainsaws and operators and some methods of gathering the cut material and disposing of it
  2. Mulcher: with one operator that can reduce the biomass into a mulch that remains as a nutrient for the soil, excellent erosion control, or a substrate for driving on
  3. Bulldozer/Heavy Equipment: to push trees over, a loader to load trees onto trucks for disposal, haul trucks, and operators for all equipment
  • Hand cutting has low equipment costs, but the highest time costs
  • Bulldozing method has the highest equipment/operator costs, but the lowest time costs
  • A Bobcat with Forestry Mulcher has a low-medium equipment/operator cost, and a low time cost

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